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A lot has happened since the early days of New gTLDs, and with the domain landscape maturing rapidly, global brands are under increasing pressure to stay current with every key development that may impact their portfolios. The domain experts at MarkMonitor have adapted their tools and reporting over time to generate the most up-to-date analysis of gTLD rollouts and trends – providing critical guidance for brand owners to stay ahead of the curve.

Read our New gTLD Report for Q2 2017 to get the latest insights into registration activity, and trends and news relevant to businesses and brand owners. This report covers:

  • The top registrations in key industries, and the most highly disputed and cybersquatted gTLDs
  • Insight into how our “heat map” can reveal the appeal or vulnerability of gTLD registrations
  • Results from our Base Recommendations Report that was created after hundreds of client gTLD consultations

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